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Nuestros amigos Ale y Cooltrain, nos
mostraron en dias anteriores, a uno de los
dúos de jazz acústico mas estimulantes
del panorama actual; el que forman Charlie
Haden y Pat Metheny

Como complemento al sensacional disco
“Beyond The Missori Sky”, os proponemos
la escucha del concierto ofrecido por estos dos
magos del acústico en el Festival de Jazz del
Mar del Norte en 2002
. Simplente escuchad y
dejaos llevar ….






Temas / Tracks :

Last Train Home (Pat Metheny)
Into The Dream (Pat Metheny)
Waltz For Ruth (Charlie Haden)
Our Spanish Love Song (Charlie Haden)
First Song (Charlie Haden)
The Moons Is A Harsh Mistress (Jim Webb)
Message To A Friend (Pat Metheny)
The Precious Jewel (Roy Acuff)
Farmer’s Trust (Pat Metheny)
Two For The Road (Henry Mancini)
Charlie’s remarks
Blues For Pat (Charlie Haden)
Lonely Woman (Horace Silver) .

Músicos / Personnel :

Pat Metheny – Guitarras
Charlie Haden – Contrabajo .

Datos del Concierto :

Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny “Missouri Sky Duets”
North Sea Jazz Festival
Nederlands Congres Centrum, PWA Zaal
The Hague, Holanda , 13 de Julio de 2002 .

Calidad Sonido :

Audiencia, Muy buena .

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terrakeo para ZDJ.

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6 Respuestas to “Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny – The Missouri Sky Duets 2002”

  • terrakeo 19octubre2008


    Password: zonadejazz

    Click aquí / Click here


  • Cooltrain 22octubre2008

    Gran concierto, muy similar al de Burghausen, gracias por compartir este disco, no lo conocía.
    Thanks for sharing

  • MERLIN 6febrero2009

    que lindo show este! tranquilo para escuchar y relajarse

    gracias por el aporte

  • gatomedio 16mayo2009

    Thanks for this. I don’t know this version, so I’m looking forward to listening to it when the download finishes.
    One Correction: Lonely Woman is by Ornette Coleman, not by Horace Silver.
    People reading this might also be interesting in the recording from the Performance in Basel, Switzerland in May 2003.
    It’s shorter than this one, but it’s an FM recording in lossless quality. The links are:

  • gatomedio 16mayo2009

    Thanks for posting this. I don’t know this version so I’m looking forward to listening to it.
    One correction: Lonely Woman is by Ornette Coleman, not by Horace Silver.

  • terrakeo 16mayo2009

    Thanks for the Basel gig gatomedio.
    And Lonely Woman is a Horace Silver’s tune (LP Song for my Father)
    You’re welcome. Hugs :)

  • gatomedio 19mayo2009

    My apologies for posting the same “correction” twice. There wasn’t any kind of feedback from the system so I assumed my message had been rejected.

    Having listened to the last track, I have to confirm that this isn’t the Ornette Coleman composition. So there must be at least two different songs called Lonely Women. As Charlie Haden has recorded the OC version both on the Montreal tapes and on one of the Old and New Dreams records, I was pretty sure that this would be the same one. I guess I was wrong.

    Thanks again for making this recording available.

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