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One of the brightest tenor players on the jazz scene today, Joe Lovano
has been recording as a band leader since 1990. While Lovano has played
in a variety of interesting contexts since signing to the Blue Note label Trio
Fascination finds the saxophonist in superb company with bassist Dave
Holland and drummer Elvin Jones. Performing original material except for
the standard Ghost of a Chance, the talented threesome stretches out
musically and engages in some particularly impassioned playing.

Track List:

01. New York Fascination
02. Sanctuary Park
03. Eternal Joy
04. Ghost of a Chance
05. Studio Rivbea
06. Cymbalism
07. Impressionistic
08. Villa Paradiso
09. 4 on the Floor
10. Days of Yore

Joe Lovano Tenor sax
Dave Holland Bass
Elvin Jones Drums


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