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Pat Metheny Group The PMG Companion, Vol. II: 1981 – 1982

The Travels Companion”

Welcome to Volume 2 of The PMG Companion, The Travels Companion” a series of compilations that gather together.

the best available versions of the many compositions the Pat Metheny Group has performed in its history that have not appeared on commercially available albums by the PMG. Included are unreleased originals, standards and covers, and PMG treatments of material Metheny has released outside the Group.

For this volume the criteria were expanded to allow for the inclusion of “bonus tracks” -live versions of songs that do have PMG studio recording counterparts. This approach, if contrary to the ground rules established for Volume 1, made it possible to compile “The Travels Companion.” When you combine this two-disc set with the live double album Travels (recorded at various locations in 1982), you have at your fingertips a commercial quality recording of every piece of music the second lineup of the PMG performed in concert during its remarkably prolific two-year history.


Pat Metheny: Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Synclavier Guitar prototype
Lyle Mays: Piano, Synthesizers, Organ, Autoharp, Synclavier
Steve Rodby: Acoustic and Electric Bass Dan Gottlieb: Drums
Special guest Nana Vasconcelos: Percussion, Voice, Berimbau

Track listings for cd 1

01. Better Days Ahead (early version) (Metheny, or Metheny-Mays)
07:00 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 1, 1981)

02. The Windup (late-1981 arrangement) (Keith Jarrett)
07:43 (Victoria, British Columbia, November 7, 1981)

03. Turnaround (Ornette Coleman)
08:25 (Seattle, Washington, November 9, 1981)

04. Unidentified #6 (incorporating the theme to “Au Lait”) (Metheny-Mays)
18:05 (Providence, Rhode Island, March 11, 1981)

05. Mas Alla (Beyond) (early version) (Metheny)
08:31 (Rochester, New York, June 26, 1981)

06. (It’s Just) Talk (early version) (Metheny)
07:17 (St. Louis, Missouri, July 20, 1982)

07. More Kansas City (Metheny)
09:41 (Berkeley, California, July 30, 1982)

08. Six And Eleven (Metheny, or Metheny-Mays)
08:37 (New York, New York, November 24, 1982)

Track listings for cd 2

01. Broadway Blues (Ornette Coleman)
07:30 (Rochester, Michigan, July 14, 1982)

02. solo Synclavier guitar prototype improvisation (Metheny) 03 :22>

03. Mars (later retitled Close To Home) (1982 arrangement) (Mays) 12:20
(Norman, Oklahoma, July 22, 1982, late show)

04. James (Metheny-Mays)
08:33 (Burlington, Vermont, March 12, 1981)

05. Offramp (Metheny-Mays)
08:32 (Rochester, New York, June 26, 1981)

06. “It’s For You” (Metheny-Mays)
07:35 (Rochester, Michigan, July 14, 1982)

07. The Bat part II (Metheny-Mays) 04:08>

08. solo berimbau improvisation (Vasconcelos) 02 :23>

09. Ozark (Metheny-Mays) 04:54
Norman, Oklahoma, July 22, 1982, early show)

10. Jaco (1981-1982 arrangement) (Metheny)
06:01 (Rochester, Michigan, July 14, 1982)

11.(Cross The) Heartland (Metheny-Mays) 07:29

12. American Garage (Metheny-Mays) 03:37
Rochester, Michigan, July 14, 1982)

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