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abril 1st, 2009 Jazz Fusion, Jazzclub 1 Comments


01. Homecoming
02. Bright Lights
03. The Dream
04. Freedomland
05. Downtown
06. Claire’s Song
07. Geraldine
08. The Spin
09. Wildlife
10. Revelation

Russell Ferrante, keyboards; Jimmy Haslip, bass; William Kennedy, drums; Bob Mintzer, saxophone, bass clarinet and EWI. With: Michael Franks, lead vocal on The Dream”; Take 6, vocals on “Revelation”; Brenda Russell and Marilyn Scott, background vocals on “The Dream”; Paulinho Da Costa, percussion; Steve Croes, Synclavier; Vince Mendoza, string arrangement on “Geraldine”.


password fenderjazz

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  • txerrena 15abril2009

    Aunque no soy un entendido, mas bien nada, me han parecido buenisimos. Muchas gracias. Un saludo.

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