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Three top international jazz guitarists Jack Lee, Kazumi Watanabe & Eugene Pao
form the “Asian Guitar Trio”, a trio unique in its genre gathering and mixing
differences of culture, influences, politics and religion.


1.For The Children
2.Asian Triangle
3.Made In France
4.Waiting In Rain
5.Off Side
8.Spanish Fried Rise
9.Somewhere In Time


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3 Respuestas to “Asian Super Guitar Project 2006”

  • terrakeo 4abril2009

    Thanks Jazzclub.
    I don’t know this Project.
    Hugs amigo :)

  • ferchw 14abril2009

    Muy buen disco!!! Gracias!!!
    Great work!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  • Jazzclub 16abril2009

    terra one good cd i recommend it

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