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Chick Corea Three Quartets Live Under the Sky 1981


Chick Corea (piano)
Michael Brecker (tenor sax)
Eddie Gomez (bass)
Roy Haynes (drums)

CD 2

1. Chick Talks>Quartet No. 2 Part 1  11.57
2. Quartet No. 2 Part 2  21.21
3. Member Introduction>Slippery When Wet 05.59

FM Broadcast Bitrate 320


password fenderjazz

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2 Respuestas to “Chick Corea Three Quartets Live Under the Sky 1981 CD2”

  • terrakeo 15abril2009

    Thanks for the 2nd CD.
    Hugs my friend.
    Cheers :D

  • Jazzclub 16abril2009

    brecker is the man on this gig him and metheny are my hero`s
    cheers my friend and enjoy it hugs to you

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