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Wolfgang Muthspiel & Rebekka Bakken: 26th Leipziger
Jazztage, Alte Oper, Leipzig, Germany,
28-09-2002, circa 57 min

Wolfgang Muthspiel – guitar, electronics
Rebekka Bakken – voice


1. Beloved
2. Welcome Me
3. Overmade Full Av Nade
4. Later
5. Which One Of Your Lovers
6. Good-Bye
7. Love Of Another
8. Sister
9. Drawing Lines

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password fenderjazz

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2 Respuestas to “Rebekka Bakken Leipzig Germany 2002”

  • terrakeo 3julio2009

    Listening the gig.
    Thanks a lot my friend. Hugs :)

  • pedro guerra sandova 6agosto2009

    can’t download

    saludos from chile

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